About ZemosLED

ZemosLED produces a wide range of LED products for general lighting
applications, including street, indoor/outdoor, commercial, residential, industrial and office lighting.
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ZemosLED adheres to the following principal and strives for excellence in these areas

High Quality

The key strength of ZemosLED products lies in their superior quality. Our engineers,
with over 30 years of experience in field of LED, work together closely under stringent testing and
quality standards to deliver top-performing LED products that are energy-efficient and reliable.

Proven Performance

Our innovative LED light engine built with the most advanced components ensures high performance
and increased life span in all LED applications. In addition, such high performance across all the
ZemosLED product line has been thoroughly tested in the U.S. DOE/EPA approved NRTL
(Nationally Recognized Testing Labortory) according to IES standard. With LM-79 and LM-80 reports
in place, Zemos Products are further verified with the DOE¡¯s¡± Lighting Fact¡± as a partner.

Also see "www.lightingfacts.com/content/partners$m"


ZemosLED offers customers extensive flexibility and design choices, including LED housings
with illumination angle control, adjustable power output, various housing sizes and LED densities,
dimmable controls, effective illumination area and selectable output colors. We can also modify
the housing design and the size per customer¡¯s requirement

Green Environment

ZemosLED promotes environmental friendly products in an effort to follow the wave of
the global All ZemosLED products use eco-friendly materials that does not contain murcury, Pb or any
substances harmful to the environment.