Why ZemosLED??

ZemosLED produces a wide range of LED products for general lighting
applications, including street, indoor/outdoor, commercial, residential, industrial and office lighting.
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Delivering the most efficient technology

The quality and uniqueness ofZemosLED products is a result of our systems-approach.
We utilize the most powerful LEDs, most efficient drivers, state-of-the-art optic design, and high-grade
extruded aluminum housing design. For every ZemosLED product line, these factors are incorporated
into a complete LED luminaire, fully optimized and configured to deliver over 90 to 130 lumens per
Watt, without compromising performance and thermal management of the luminaire system.

1.  LEDs: ZemosLED products utilize the most advanced LED packages ¡°in-house¡± or world-leading
LED chip manufacturers that deliver over 130~170lmper watt at LED source level and 90 to 130 lumens
per watt at system level. Every LED package is pre-tested and verified with a LM-80 report for acceptable
lumen maintenance. Life-time extrapolation of System Luminaire is projected
at 100,000 hours @L70, calculated with TM-21 report.

2.  LED driver: Only utilizing the most efficient and highly reliable UL-listed power supplies.
The measured system power factor is typically rated at over 96% and the efficiency is at over 90% with
the voltage of 95 ~ 277 VAC for most commercial applications. Additional power supplies
are developed in-house, expected to last over 100,000 hours.

3.  Housing: For commercial applications, fixture housings are constructed of heavy-duty
extruded Al6030 (aluminum).Extruded Al6030 is Ideal for housing and heat-sink because of its high thermal
conductivity, allowing it to transfer and remove heat from LED die to the ambient more rapidly.

4.  Optics: Zemos Optics is designed in R&D facilities specializing in light optics for
over 20 years in Germany. The optics can be customized to meet any IESNA light distribution requirements.
Direct contact optical lenses are both UV resistant and made of high-impact PMA. The lenses are mounted to
each LED dome in order to prevent gradual yellowing. They are intelligently designed to ensure glare reduction
and to minimize optical loss below 5% over the product¡¯s lifetime.

5.  Thermal management: The life-time and brightness of LEDs depends primarily on thermal management capability.
The increasing temperature around LED junction in light source diminishes the total lumen output, and also
causes stress to the structure of the LED pkg that could result in burn-out. The heat from the LED junction must
be rapidly transferred to PCB board, then to heat sink, and finally out to ambient. Effective thermal management
facilitates this process to minimize the LED junction temperature. ZemosLED has developed a patented
a Nano technology substance that binds and shortens the thermal path for effective heat transfer. In addition,
only highly conductive aluminum/copper materials are utilized for PCB and heat sink to ensure optimal thermal
management, making it a brighter and longer lasting product.