Why ZemosLED??

ZemosLED produces a wide range of LED products for general lighting
applications, including street, indoor/outdoor, commercial, residential, industrial and office lighting.
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DOE Standard

DOE-Caliper Standard

Not all LED products are manufactured according to uniform standard, nor do they undergo standard
testing procedures from accredited testing lab.

ZemosLED strictly adheres to U.S. Department of Energy- Caliper program standards. See more at
(www1.eere.energy.gov/buildings/ssl/caliper.html) Not all manufacturers follow these standards nor do
they have profound understanding of LED properties, thermal management, and optimal system configurations.

ZemosLED is differentiated from other manufacturers in that its exceptional quality and performance
are thoroughly tested and proven through U.S. DOE¡¯s approved NRTL in the U.S..

Unlike other manufacturers, every Zemos LED product is verified with IESNA LM-79/LM-80 test report
from accredited U.S. DOE-approved NVLAP. These test reports are in place to substantiate performance,
reliability, and Lumen maintenance of the LED luminaire system. These test reports are available either
on Zemos Website or provided upon request.