Why ZemosLED??

ZemosLED produces a wide range of LED products for general lighting
applications, including street, indoor/outdoor, commercial, residential, industrial and office lighting.
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DesignLight Consortium (DLC)

ZemosLED ensures that our high-quality, high energy-efficiency, verfired products
are recognized through ¡°Energy-Star¡± rating program, which now is DesignLight.

ZemosLED listed our Roadway/Parking lot/Area luminaire in DLC for government/utility rebate program
eligibility. We are adding more and more different product lines to the list so that ZemosLED products
are not only high-quality/high performance but also potentially cost-effective.

About DLC:

The DLC QPL Members intend to ensure that only high-quality, high-performance, tested and verified
LED products will be eligible for rebate participating programs. Therefore, the DLC QPL Members are developing
a list of qualifying products, for limited access, and for use in their individual sponsor energy efficiency programs.
All of the Members plan to use this list of eligible products to respond to customers or to direct
them to products that meet their requirements.¡±