Why ZemosLED??

ZemosLED produces a wide range of LED products for general lighting
applications, including street, indoor/outdoor, commercial, residential, industrial and office lighting.
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Testings and Certifcations

Every ZemosLED product is tested and verified with IESNA LM-79 report (photometric performance)
and IESNA LM-80/TM-21 reports (lumen maintenance and Life-time extrapolation) from accredited
U.S. DOE-approved NVLAP.

IESNA LM-80 and TM-21reports for every model are available to substantiate LED
pkg performance and reliability including Lumen maintenance and life-time extrapolation.

In addition to third party testing, we ensure stringent in-house quality control, from every step of the manufacturing
process to the final aging and reliability testing.